Warming up to winter with the Taurus Down Jacket

Warming up to winter with the Taurus Down Jacket

  • 05 April 2018
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  • Sasha

Introducing the Taurus Down Jacket, our fresh new jacket, equipping you for the cold and leaving you with no excuse, but to step outside and make the most of your winter! 

Ladies Taurus Down Jacket Capestorm

Why is the Taurus Down Jacket ideal for winter?

With a modern look and fit, the Taurus Down Jacket is the perfect jacket for a chilly afternoon out, or a cup of coffee around the fire. The Taurus Jacket is RDS approved and made from premium duck down, emphasizing the quality of our product as well as our ethical down sourcing practices. With an adjustable hood as well as a great lining, you'll be guaranteed extra soft comfort in addition to warmth.

Colour Trend

Our colour choice for the season is navy for the men, and a combination of navy and lilac for the ladies. Navy is always classic and timeless, a great colour to be worn on various occasions. For the ladies, we’ve thrown in a pop of lilac to keep things fresh for the season!

Ladies Taurus Down Jacket

High Fill Power:

Down fill power refers to the fluffiness or loft of a down product as well as how well it is able to insulate you.  A higher fill power indicates that the garment is able to trap more air in and keep you warmer than a lower fill power.  Down fill power ranges from 300- 900.  From a 550-750 down fill power, the garment is considered a very good down quality.  Our Taurus Jacket has a fill power of 600, falling within a high qaulity fill power rating level.

Taurus Down Jacket Ideal For Winter

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