The importance of wearing UPF clothing

The importance of wearing UPF clothing

  • 31 October 2017
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Capestorm’s top priority is the wellbeing of its customers and the satisfaction with the quality of their garments. This is why we use UP50+ technology in certain clothing items, to ensure that you are protected against the sun's harmful radiation.

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a rating system that measures the UV protection that fabric provides. It works in a similar way to the rating system used for sunblock.

What’s the difference between UPF and SPF?

SPF (Sun protection factor) measures the amount of time it takes for sun-exposed skin to redden (burn), once sunscreen has been applied. As an example, if you take 10 minutes for your skin to turn red from sun exposure, a SPF 15 rating theoretically allows you to stay in the sun 15 times longer i.e. 150 minutes. This can vary depending on your type of activity, amount of sweating and if you go swimming after applying sunscreen.

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) refers to the amount of UVA and UVB radiation that the protective fabric is blocking out. Clothing with a high UPF rating (50+) will provide excellent protection to areas of covered skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Capestorm Rash Vest with UPF50 Rating 1

What is a good UPF Rating?

UPF Rating Protection Category % UV Radiation Blocked
UPF 15 - 24 Good 93.3 - 95.9
UPF 25 - 29 Very Good 96.0 - 97.4
UPF 40 - 50+ Excellent 97.5 - 98+

50+ UPF rating is the highest UPF rating you can get. The rating is obtained only when the fabric is not being stretched or wet (unless it’s a swimsuit). The UPF rating indicates that only 2% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays are allowed through the fabric and then absorbed by your skin, where the other 98% are emitted or absorbed by the protective fabric. What this means is that the fabric blocks 98% of the UV radiation from getting to your skin and therefore increasing the amount of time your skin can be exposed to the sun.

NB: It is important to note that although UPF50+ will provide excellent protection for your skin against UV radiation, this only  occurs where the fabric covers your skin and it is still advisable to apply SPF50 (or higher) sunscreen to any exposed areas of your skin.

Capestorm Rash Vest with UPF50 Rating 2

Capestorm UPF Products:

Capestorm has various UPF products to ensure that customers are protected from harmful UV rays. The following products have a 50+ UPF rating, which is the highest possible rating a garment can have.