Summer Beach Hacks

Summer Beach Hacks

  • 27 October 2017
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Summer is around the corner, which means it’s nearly time for salty sea swims, fun on the beach and memorable sunsets with friends! Check out these 5 beach hacks for some fun ideas to make sure your time spent on the beach is the best one.

1. Freeze your water bottle before you head to the beach

An obvious, but effective idea, is to plan ahead and pop your water bottles into the freezer a couple of hours before you head to the beach. It’s a great wat to ensure you can keep your snacks cool and there is nothing nicer than an ice cold drink when you’re spending the day on a toasty beach. Your water will be cold for hours!

Capestorm Summer Beach Hacks - Freeze your water bottle

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2. Hide your valuables

There is nothing worse than worrying about your valuables when you just want a relaxed day out in the sun. Clean out an old suntan/after sun lotion bottle and you’ve got the perfect place to store money, cards and keys safely. This way, you can venture out onto the beach, without worrying about someone pinching your things.

3. Use a waterproof backpack

A waterproof backpack is ideal for the beach when you may need to keep your belongings dry. No need to worry about unexpected waves wetting your valuables or worse, taking them out to sea! Even if your bag gets wet, your valuables will stay dry.

Capestorm DRY BACK PACK 25L
Capestorm Dry Bag Back Pack 25L

4. Build A Beach Bed

For maximum comfort on the beach, why not make a DIY pillow from sand? This may sound silly, but is worth it for the ultimate beach experience. All you do is build sand up like a pillow and place your towel over it to give you your own beach bed. Voila, just like that- you have your very own beach bed!

5. Flip Your Shoes Over

A hot summer’s day can leave your shoes feeling like hot cement. To avoid burning the soles of your feet, face your shoes downwards. By the time you need to use them again they won’t be piping hot from the sun.

Capestorm Summer Beach Hacks