Layering 101 With A Weekend Warrior

We recently chatted to our Capestorm Ambassador, De Wet Du Toit about his tips on layering for winter.  This is what he had to say: 

"Ask any seasoned outdoor professional what the key is to staying warm in the great and often cold outdoors, and they will reply a good layering system and great bedding. In this blog I will give a few tips on how to layer yourself so that you are ready for cold winter outings in the mountains."

A three-layer system should be more than enough for any conditions you can expect in South Africa.

Working from the inside out:

1) Bottom Layer

This layer is the ‘underwear’ layer which is responsible to wick sweat off the skin and thus keep you dry.

Clothing Choice: Capestorm Fleck Long Sleeve Shirt (Ladies or Men's). Featuring a lightweight Wic-Dry fabric, which increases breathability and keeps you dry when out on the trails.

2) Middle Layer

This layer is the insulating layer, which is responsible for keeping you warm.

Clothing Choice: For me this is a no-brainer, I would choose the Capestorm Men's Perimeter Down Jacket, but I am a cold-blooded person and a fleece top might be enough for the average person, in which case the functional Puffadder fleece is recommended.

Depending the severity of the cold as well as packing space either a fleece or down middle layer can be used.

3) Outer layer

This is the shell layer, which serves to keep you dry and protected from the wind. Either a windproof or a waterproof outer layer might be needed in the cold and sometimes wet South African winters. In the mountains an outer layer performing both functions may be needed.

Clothing Choice: Capestorm’s Men's Valdivian Jacket. This jacket is a great addition since it packs away small when it is not needed. For the ladies I would suggest the Capestorm Ladies Billow Waterproof Jacket.

You do not necessarily need all 3 layers all the time, but it is a good idea to always have them handy whenever you are outdoors for longer than the average morning hike.