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How to trail run like Bianca Tarboton

How to trail run like Bianca Tarboton

  • 13 August 2018
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  • Capestorm

Our Ambassador Bianca Tarboton is on fire, recently taking first place in Table Mountain Challenge LITE, the Kleinmond 24km race, and first place in the team division at the Hout Bay Trail Challenge. Bianca fills us in on her tips for trail runners.

Tip one:

Don’t underestimate the word ‘downhill’ race. As many downhills as there are, a lot of trail runs consists of flats and undulating hills. The elevation chart can be a lot more deceiving than it seems. Save your legs for the end, as there can be a few, rather brutal uphills.

Pace yourself

Tip two:

Don’t go out too fast on the downhills. Again, there are a lot of long, flat sections straight after the downhills and going too fast on the down will make the flat a lot more painful on your legs.

Go slowly downhillTip three:

Spread your arms like a bird on the downs- it helps with your balance, a lot!

Spread Your Arms
Tip four:

The single track sections through the forest are sometimes very narrow/ windey and a little slippery, take it easy and breathe in the freshness.

Take it inTip five:

TAKE IN ALL OF THE BEAUTY! The scenery is incredible and it’s easy to get too caught up trying to watch your feet than pay attention to what is around you- stop/ go a little slower and appreciate nature.

Take in the view