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How to live your Best Summer Life

How to live your Best Summer Life

  • 12 September 2018
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Summer is coming, and we could not be more excited for new adventures, fresh gear, and a whole lot of salty sea air. Here are a couple of tips on how you should live your best summer in 2018.

Step outside Your Comfort Zone

Take inspiration from articles, books and podcasts or read about others adventures and get planning them for yourself. Here are a few examples of what our Ambassadors have been getting up to this year to step outside their comfort zones.

  1. Climbing Africa Crag - Two Noobs and a Natural
  2. Post Race Report - The Greyt Escape
  3. Climbing Beyond Limits with Andy Court

Summer 2018

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Be Bold

It’s a brand new Summer Season and what better way to go into it than with a bold new outlook and some fresh summer beach attire. Whether you’re a print kind of person, or enjoy the more classic look, make sure it’s bold and bright to match your attitude.

Capestorm Boardshorts

Capestorm BoardshortsHave fun

Always. This is very high in our books. Invest in a beach bat and a ball, a surf board or some sort of beach equipment and get out there and keep active. There’s nothing quite like a day of fun with your mates on the beach.

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Stay Hydrated

Seriously though, a long day out on the beach is so much better with an ice cold drink in your favourite bottle. Tip: Ice your bottle of water over night for longer lasting freshness for your beach day out. 

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Keep Protected

Did you know that South Africa still remains the second highest range of skin Cancer in the World? That’s right – the South African Summer can be HOT so never forget your hat, sunblock, UPF Clothing and that umbrella. There’s nothing worse than sun burn straight out of winter.

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