How to Holiday

How to Holiday

  • 11 December 2019
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  • Justin Rowles

It's holiday time. It's that time of the year where we get to sleep in, stay up late and pretty much do everything we weren't able to do during the year. As attractive as this statement is, it’s really a half-truth. Being able to do the things we weren't able to do during the year is spot on, however, that’s where it ends. The holidays are made for adventure.

Adventure Running

Rest is good, but for some rest is all about getting to bed before 9 am, to wake up before sunrise and hit the trails. The holidays are all about making up for those missed adventures and experiences. It's about spending the evening planning the early morning start and the trails you're going to explore. It's about prepping your kit and getting pumped.

Holiday Adventure Prep

Perhaps there's a fine line between rest and overdoing it. Fortunately, for some rest comes in the form of being in nature, hiking up the mountain, setting up camp in the middle of nowhere or running uncharted trails and getting lost. I suppose rest or holidays look like different things for certain people, but for some time now, rest and holidays have always been about soaking up as much mountain goodness as possible. I never believed it until I experienced it for myself, but there is something so real and peaceful about waking up at the crack of dawn and spending time out on the mountain, alone or with friends. Until I experienced it for myself I would have said nothing is reviving about being active all day. I can now say without a doubt that getting out and exploring the mountain is where I experience the most authentic level of rest and recovery, believe it or not.

Mountain Adventure

If the holidays have looked like something different for you up until now, I would implore you to give this a try. Yes, sleep in. Yes, stay up late. Yes do nothing at all, but certainly, throw in a few early morning sessions with friends. Get out. Get lost. Vier off the path. Find a rock and sit in silence. Jump in a dam. Meet a fellow explorer. Run, climb and walk across unfamiliar trails. Give it a try. Let these holidays be an opportunity to create wild memories.

Before you head out, make sure you're geared for all the missed adventures you plan to make up for.

Holiday Adventure