Down Do's and Don'ts

As the symbol of outdoor appreciators, down jackets have a reputation for their good insulation ability, light weight, and compressibility. If you opt for good quality and know how to look after it, then it can benefit you in almost any situation for longer. Keep reading for some Down do’s and don’ts.


  1. Soak it in water. While down can dry successfully, repeated wetting and drying will cause wear and tear and reduce thermal performance over time.
  2. Use normal detergents to wash. This could break down the water repellent treatment that most down jackets have on the outside.  
  3. Wring out, spin dry or compress when wet. This will cause the down fibres to clump together which can harm thermal properties once dry.


  1. Follow the wash and care instructions
  2. Air dry first and then tumble dry. This will help avoid clumping and return your jacket to its full loft (puffiness). 
  3. Only wash when needed. If you’re the occasional adventurer, once a year will do. If you live in your jacket then you might want to wash it every season.   
  4. Store it well when not in use. Simply hang it up as opposed to folding it and make sure it is dry. 

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