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Behind the scenes: 4 things we learned on the road

Behind the scenes: 4 things we learned on the road

  • 29 March 2019
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  • Capestorm

Two days, 385 kilometres and countless memories to share. Here are the top 4 things we learned on the road while shooting this video

Get up early

The earlier you get out the better. Nothing can quite describe the feeling when you head over that hill and the sunbeams hit you. Or when you see about 3 different shades of the sky as the morning progresses. You are also more likely to have an open road and first dibs at a scenic roadside stop to enjoy your morning coffee. 


Embrace the unexpected

If you live in South Arica, you may very well know that stop-and-goes and confusing forks in the road are sure to come your way. Causing either a delay in arrival or a detour of some sorts. We have learned that these moments lead to the best discoveries.

Be it a farm stall with the freshest pies, hidden flower fields or those songs you never get to at the end of your playlist, you’ll always find something worth sharing in these moments.

Delightful detours

Always pack something warm

A sundowner is so much better the longer you can stick around for it. Be sure to have a warm thing to keep you comfortable. No matter the season, when the misty clouds unexpectedly drop in, it can get chilly so it’s best to be prepared.  

Warm up

Make the most of campfire gatherings

Our favourite part of any road trip has to be the moment everyone gathers around the campfire. This is where you hear the funniest and spookiest stories, tales of great adventures and plans for future missions. Make the most of these gatherings by having enough snacks and drinks, as well as fairy lights or solar lamps for the vibe. 

Campfire gathering

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