A3 Short Story

A3 Short Story

  • 13 September 2019
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  • Justin Rowles

Getting your shorts game right is often like finding that perfect trail – Once you’ve found it you can’t get enough. For a long time seeking the ultimate single-track downhill adrenaline rush went hand in hand with finding the perfect pair of running shorts. I went through shorts like I went through underpants. I could never find the perfect pair. It was always a fight against the length, or the material or the pockets. The biggest hurdle was the inner netting – that’s a whole other ball game. I can tell you this much, once you find your perfect pair of shorts, there’s no going back.

Something that I never thought I would consider was the ‘trail style’. It is a serious thing competing with the changing scene – you’ve surely got to look the part nowadays. Fake it until you make it, they say. One thing is for sure, you don’t always come across that dance between functionality and appearance. However, when I put on my very first pair of A3 shorts, I was sold.

My initial pull factor was obviously the aesthetics of the shorts – I couldn’t resist. You’re talking about the perfect length, with the softest inner netting and those essential pockets. While some are obsessed with shoes, I found my fix in the A3 shorts. Having each colour in your cupboard is vital – colour coordination on the mountain is key – remember, trail style is everything, or so they say.

Kit goals

And so, the adventures began. Something like the ‘sisterhood of the travelling pants,’ minus other people wearing my shorts, I have gone on my fair share of adventures accompanied by these radical editions to the kit. I’ve been to the Hottentots Holland Mountain range where I scaled some epic waterfalls, scrambled downhill through the Franschhoek Mountains, climbed up cliffs in Jonkershoek, navigated remote beaches in Cape Point and scrapped through overgrown trails in Robertson. These shorts have kept me dry, chafe free, fully kited out, rip free, cool and protected since 2018, and I would never go back.

Trail tested shorts

Kit selection is like prepping for war, you wouldn’t want to step out onto the battlefield with a faulty weapon or a below par helmet – this is a matter of life and death. And once you’ve found the perfect armoury, I can imagine you feel invincible. The same goes for trail running. I feel unstoppable when I’m out running and my A3 shorts have a massive part to play in that.

Adventure approved shorts

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