A recollection of the 2018 Cape Epic with Jon Adams

A recollection of the 2018 Cape Epic with Jon Adams

  • 30 May 2018
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  • Capestorm

Ask any rider, pro or amateur, who has taken part in the Absa Cape Epic and they'll tell you that the race is no walk in the park.  Capestorm Ambassador Jon Adams and his brother, Cameron, took part in the 2018 Cape Epic together. The brothers show us what determination and grit can do when your teammate is relying on you.

What have I gotten myself into...

I looked up ahead at the next climb and the last of my willpower left me. It was hot, it was dusty, I was sore and at my very limit with nothing left to give. I was done. This was where I found myself on Stage 3 of the Cape Epic.

Coming in to the event, I was woefully unprepared. Having fallen ill in the couple weeks prior to the event, I had lost much of my already borderline sufficient fitness.

Stage 1 nearly knocked me out. I barely managed to drag my bike across the line that first stage and then just collapsed, if it wasn't for my partner, Cameron, there is no ways I would have made it. And I still had 6 more tough days to come. What had I got myself into....

Jon and Partner Cycling Cape Epic

Stage 2 & 3

The next stage went better, but a scorching 40 degree day played host to the 105km of Stage 3. We were 80km in to the race when I hit the wall. I had nothing left to give and thoughts of giving up were swimming in my head. When I looked up at the hill ahead my mind was made, it was over. But first I had to catch up to my partner to tell him.

A Change In Mindset

It was at this moment that the situation got even more dire. As my partner hit the bottom of the climb he stripped all the teeth inside his flywheel, in short, he couldn't peddle anymore. His bike was nothing more than a spinning machine. It was here where I had to make a decision. My partner who'd been helping me the whole way so far now needed my help.

A mindset change came over me, all of a sudden I knew I had to do this. I had to be strong, for both of us. There was more on the line now, I had to push past my problems and get on with it. I steeled my mind and never mentioned to my partner the thoughts that had just been at the forefront of my mind.

Jon Cycle Capestorm

A New Purpose

Together we toiled on, him running up the steep sections and me pushing him wherever possible. I had a new purpose, a new objective that was bigger than just me. I had to dig deep but there I found reserves that I didn't know I had. When we eventually crossed the line I wasn't even that tired, my legs weren't sore and I could actually smile instead of just collapsing. It's amazing how much your mind can affect your performance. From this day on these long distance endurance events have been much easier because I know that I can. I know that if I want to, I can.